Social Studies Links
These links are provided for parents to help you locate quality educational sites for your child.  It should be understood that it is your duty as a parent to make sure the sites your child visits meet your approval.  Please review these sites before giving your child access to make sure they meet your guide lines as good educational sites, and that you follow the Terms and Conditions of Use agreement for these sights.


Identifying Continents

Identifying Continents 2

Identifying Continents, Auditory Learners

Idientifying Continents and some Countries

Continents Relation to Date Line and Prime Meridian

Questions about Continents

Map Symbols of the UK

Learning Weather Symbols

4 parts of a Map

Map Navigation

Exploring the Globe


Lewis and Clark's Adventure


Government and Economy

 Games from the US Mint

Government Guide

Running a Business

Basic Economics


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