The Classroom Rules
I have one classroom rule and one classroom rule only.
Teachers rights and students rights are clearly outlined and posted in the classroom.  These lists of rights may be copies of those posted below, or if there is time, I may have students brainstorm and come up with their own list of student and teacher rights.
Anytime a student infringes on the rights of others he/she is breaking the classroom rule, and may be asked to flip a card. The first card flip is a warning, the second time a child is asked to flip a card he/she will be fined, the third time he/she is asked to flip a card he/she will get a double fine, the fourth card flip a student will get a triple fine and a note is sent home to his/her parents. The fines will be paid out of the child's salary. Each child will earn a salary, the disposable portion of the salary may be spent on the classroom auction which is held once a month. If a child endangers another child physically, he/she will be told to go directly to the principal.