The Japan Experience

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Personal Statement:
I think teaching is more than imparting
information to my students; it is sharing my experiences.
It is bringing a personal side to the information.
For me, teaching is helping my students gain a better
understanding of the world, not just through the
information we study, but through the
experiences we share.

Cooking potatoes over an open fire at a kindergarten.
Some mornings I teach songs, or do short activities at
this kindergarten.  On other mornings, like the one pictured
above, I join in the fun the Japanese teachers have planned.
Testing my skill on a unicycle.
(I am the one holding the bars with a death grip!)
I feel foolish; it is a skill that most Japanese children have
mastered by the 5th grade. And no, I can't say that I
have mastered it as of yet!

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