Home Page Creation
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The Story:

This home page was created using Netscape Page Composer.

I began work on it October 12th 1998. I had no prior experience constructing home pages.  It was truly a learn as you go process!

A process I could not have completed without the help of a friend.  He gave me important advice which I have lived by throughout this adventure.

He told me to use Netscape Page Composer "the simplest way to create home pages."

He also said I could learn a lot by downloading some pages from the
web that I liked and then editing them with the composer to see the tricks.

Thanks for all your moral support Miguel!!!!  Beijinhos!!!!


 The under construction sign (which I hope you have not seen) was obtained from the Animation Library.

All other gifs were taken from the Web Wizard's World.
I took the background from Ozone Images Index, which can be found under that title and using the YAHOO search engine.

To down load Netscape:

The photos on these pages were taken by  myself, friends, students, and Japanese teachers using my digital camera.  I would like to thank them for their help.

Please Note:  Because I have placed pictures of Japanese students on this home page, I have requested and obtained permission to publish these photos from the Naganohara Board of Education.

! hope you have enjoyed my page.
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